Alexia C

Alexia is a singer, composer, songwriter and art-lover based in Paris.

She has created a project under her name whose sound combines indie-pop and jazzy-pop style with live electronics twists. She has performed in bars, festivals and concert halls in different cities of Europe.

In 2013 she released "Impostule" a solo DYI home-made album (co-signed by Ilias Pantelias) and in late 2015 she recorded "Mefragme" released in late 2016. "Mefragme" was actively supported by Association PACE.

Norbert Bouche Quartet

Norbert Bouche Quartet is a swing jazz group formed during 2014 in Paris France. Their repertoire consists of classic tunes recorded by Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France but also American standards of the swing era.



Montage13 is a project born in 2013 in Athens, Greece. It is the product of the collaboration of three musicians (F.Papatheodorou, A.Mitsiou and Y.Tziallas) with different musical backgrounds sharing the same interest in mentally stimulating art.
The EP "The blue angle" was released by The Sound Of Everything Records Ltd.



Created in 2001 in Paris, Parthenon is a dance academy and a folk dance group with its own orchestra, which specializes in Greek traditional instrumental and dance music. Having preformed around the world (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, USA, Cyprus, Russia) and having appeared in many radio and television shows in France and abroad, Parthenon and its orchestra have now the reputation of being not only one of the largest in number, but also one of the most active Greek folk groups in Europe.


La Grèce autrement...


"La Grèce autrement" is a collaboration between Greek musicians who live and work in Paris (Plastiras, Stasinos, Avramidou, Ioannou Konstantinou, Kotzampasakis, Apostolopoulos, Bouris) which aims to present the works of modern greek composers and songwriters, famous in their country but less known abroad.

Guitar's rebetiko

As a project "Guitar's rebetiko" is a combined effort of two guitarists, Yiannis Tziallas and Orestis Kalampalikis to present to the public the art of guitar playing as it evolved into the traditional greek musical genre of "Rebetiko". The guitar is not only an instrument that has an accompanying role in the traditional Greek orchestra but can also be a lead instrument. In this effort the help of the famous Greek guitarist Dimitris Mistakidis was a special honor leading to several concerts in Paris, with great success.