Being a member of R.G.T. with a diploma (ALCM) in Jazz Guitar Performance from London College of Music since 2016, I could help you organize your study and achieve your goals as a guitarist. A decade of experience in teaching and playing from traditional Mediterranean music to jazz, has led to many collaborations with renown artists from different genres (world music, pop, jazz, post rock and experimental fusion) and has provided me the knowledge of different approaches to the instrument and its tuition.


Benefitting from the advances of technology, I've developed a special curriculum for the students who live abroad, proposing a circle of Skype based courses, an idea based on my previous experience as a student with Mat Warnock and Jimmy Bruno.

I strongly believe that successful tuition depends upon the establishment of a personalized approach and rapport between student and teacher. This is a very personal matter to me and before committing to a course of guitar lessons I find it important to discuss your needs and interests thoroughly.

So whether you live in Paris, France or Paris, Arkansas, I invite you to contact me and discuss your goals and expectations in order to organize the course that better suits your vision on music and guitar playing.